Kish Modasia radiates calm and positive energy, even down the lens of a webcam! A small group of us spent half an hour learning how to breathe mindfully and to be grateful. As a result of my mindfulness webinar with Kish, I reflect daily on the wonder of nature, the glorious birdsong and the sunshine reflecting on the river as I cycle over the bridge to work. For all this, and more, I am grateful, after all, ‘gratitude is the new attitude’. Since Kish’s webinar, I have made a few small changes, which have had a big impact. If you are looking to re-balance your inner calm, look no further than Kish Modasia and Lead Your Life!
— Kate Brookes Corporate Fundraiser
Kish gives me an inner smile! Her calm presence exemplifies the mindful approach she teaches
— Sarah Gornall Executive Coach
Working with Kish was a revelation. I’ve been using Mindfulness for many years but Kish taught me to be freer with when and how I use it. I am definitely more focused, relaxed and productive than before the programme with Kish. I highly recommend Kish’s work for anyone who wants to learn something new that will make a real and lasting difference
— Kevin Oubridge Director. Accelerated Success
I loved being coached by Kish - she has a lovely warm and appreciative presence. Her deep wisdom and gentle, yet challenging questions helped me reflect and move forward. Kish listens very intensively — for things that I said and also things that I did not say. She offered her perspectives without ever intruding or making it sound like she knew and I did not. I can wholeheartedly recommend her!
— Kirsten Dierolf MCC Director. Solutions Academy Germany
I’ve worked with Kish on several levels She’s an uplifting person to spend time with, shares such wisdom and has an aura of calm and fun mixed into something unique and palpable. True take away value. True return on your investment
— Carolyn Henderson General Manager. Hospitality
Before sitting down with Kish, I was a little sceptical as to the true worth of Executive Coaching. Having now been through the process I am a convert! I think the main thing it gave me was a reason to take time out of my day to look at my business at a much more strategic level. Having Kish challenge my comments and statements at a deeper level actually brought to the surface a number of quite challenging issues. These have now been dealt with and, hopefully, left the business much stronger as a result. I would have no problem recommending Kish to anyone running their own business
— Adrian Dadds Independent Business & Property Finance Consultant. St. George’s Finance

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