Kish Modasia Experienced Coach

Kish Modasia
Experienced Coach and Successful Mindfulness Instructor

My story

My life has had its ups and downs, just like everyone else! What I discovered early on in my life journey is that being coached enabled me to work through the challenges I faced.  During a management coaching training course, I realised that my strengths and my approach to life would be helpful for others, so I went on to train and qualify as a coach. 

In my personal journey I also learned that I have to take time out for myself and to be mindful of what is around me. Mindfulness plays a key part in my life and I am a successful Mindfulness Instructor, sharing with others my knowledge of practical, down to earth mindful techniques. 

With coaching and mindfulness in my life, I’m able to be authentic, happy and fulfilled with my life choices.  I give myself space to think and in order to make good decisions. I’m the person who I want to be and I Lead my Life!

My qualifications

My work

I have worked in corporate organisations and I’ve run my own business since 2006, so I appreciate work and life’s challenges.  I’ve lived and worked in the UK and many other countries, experiencing and valuing different cultures.

My clients include managers, team leaders and people working in organisations such as BT, O2, Network Rail, the NHS, and the Civil Service, SME business owners, entrepreneurs and individual people.

As a coaching professional I am coached and supervised on a regular basis in order to keep myself mentally and physically on top form for my clients.

My achievements

I believe that the best way to grow is to step outside your comfort zone so I am always setting myself challenges that I can be proud of.

When I worked in corporate for BT I became a pioneer for home working. My goal was the 10 hours a week I’d gain to be with my children - and the company stood to benefit from the hours I didn’t have to travel.  I had to overcome a lot of resistance, however it was a win-win– setting the scene for others in the years that have followed.

Some personal achievements (so far!) are here - ask me for the details!  Stand-up comedy, paragliding over Cape Town’s Lion’s Head, walking 250k of the Camino (a Spanish pilgrim route with a back-pack) and rowing 22 miles on the Thames in the Great River Race.

My proudest achievement is the combination of my business life – working to help others and seeing others grow - and my family life with my husband and adult children.

There’ll certainly be more challenges to follow!