Proficiency in mindfulness course

In the West, we’re materially rich and emotionally poor.  In the way we regularly top up our monetary bank accounts to pay for the mortgage, rent, food etc., we also need to top up our emotional bank balance on a regular basis.  Through a mindfulness practice this emotional bank balance can be topped up regularly, even daily, so that when we are faced with challenges, which we all are, we are more resilient and stable to handle them.

Join me for this four week course to learn simple, down-to-earth tools to establish a healthy mindfulness practice.

Four week course with ongoing support

This course can be delivered online or in person.  It focuses on simple mindfulness tools that will empower everyone to have the courage to stop, breathe and build resilience to cope with professional and personal challenges. 

There are many benefits of mindfulness:

For the individual:

Benefits of mindfulness - for the individual

Benefits of mindfulness - for the individual

And for an organisation:

  • Increased productivity

  • More motivated employees

  • Improved workplace morale

  • Healthier, happier team members

  • Better decision-making

All sessions are interactive with sufficient time for practice, questions and answers.

The course includes:

·      Four 40 minute weekly sessions to learn effective mindfulness tools

·      Two 40 minute follow up sessions to encourage ongoing practice (scheduled in months one and two after the course)

·      Access to recordings of the course for review and catch up

Course content:

For the first four weeks, we meet weekly either online or face-to-face for forty minutes.

Each week we learn mindfulness tools, practice and build up our emotional bank balance, so when challenges hit us as they do, we are in a more stable position to handle them.

It is important to work weekly to maintain momentum and get the practice into the “muscle”.  Regular practice is the key to your personal success.

The four week programme covers: 

4 week mindfulness course content

4 week mindfulness course content

At the end of the four weeks, you will be equipped with the tools and have started to establish the regular practice of mindfulness. We meet again a month later and then two months later to check in for 40 minutes. These two sessions give you the opportunity to establish your mindfulness “muscle” further, so that I can help provide you with any further support and guidance you may need from me.

All webinar hosted sessions will have an audio and video recording for further practice and revision. If you miss a session it is a great way to catch up too.