I am available to speak on Mindfulness and Leadership at events such as meetings, conferences, workshops and kick-start meetings. I’ve spoken at various events over the years to a wide range of audiences in the private business sector and in the public sector. Presentation content has included academic information on how Mindfulness has been proven to work, with practical and down-to-earth sessions for very different audiences, see below:-

Athena Women’s Networking Group - Wimbledon
BBC Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Network - London
Guildford Coaches Group - Guildford
Home Instead - Wimbledon

Cornwall Samaritans - Truro
Really Helpful Club – London
Royal Bank of Scotland – London
The Decor Cafe - London

London Coaching Group - London (June)
Association of Coaching - London (November)
British Occupational Psychologists Conference – Nottingham
Really Helpful Club – London
Royal Bank of Scotland – London
The Decor Cafe - London

British Occupational Psychologists Conference – Liverpool
Civil Service Fast Stream – various locations
Room for Work - London
UK International Coach Federation Webinar – London

British Occupational Psychologists Conference – Glasgow
Civil Service Fast Stream – various locations
Kingston University Alumni Group - Kingston
International Coach Federation Conference – Malmo
Room for Work - London
Room for Work – London

Civil Service Fast Stream – various locations
International Coach Federation Conference – Stockholm
London Coaching Group – London
Richmond NLP Group - Richmond

Civil Service Fast Stream – various locations

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss booking a talk for your organisation.


I have attended two of Kish’s mindfulness sessions at the BBC and they have both been excellent and well received. I really appreciate Kish’s down to earth approach to the subject and also how she can tailor the sessions to the group, explaining things well, giving a taster of mindfulness, and also some great take away tips to use in daily life.
— Ros Smith. Senior Product Manager (IAM) BBC
Kish brings real creativity, resourcefulness and experience to any audience that is seeking to reap the benefits of mindfulness
— Kim Gregory. Chair Guildford Coaches Group March 2007-2019
A very simple, elegant presentation that served to remind me of the essence of mindfulness – being in the moment & not judging, acknowledging compassion and gratitude to ourselves and others. It also highlighted the benefits of building this into a busy schedule, how having the courage to stop for 5 mins can have the effect of pushing the reset button and allow both us & our clients better access to the best version of ourselves, whatever the context.
Hearing how another coach has built this successfully into her practice gives me the courage to look for opportunities to do the same
— Gillian McDonagh. Performance Coaching UK
Kish Modasia is a top-rated speaker and workshop leader at Room for Work. Her “Career Transitions” session helps mature job seekers visualise a better future for themselves, examine obstacles, re-assess values and prepare for a decision that will enable them to move forward. Kish makes the process enjoyable and rewarding for every participant. Her ability to adapt the workshop to suit the needs of each group make Kish an exceptional coach and presenter
— Robin McKay Bell. Programme Director at Room For Work
It was a real treat to welcome back Kish Modasia this month. Her powerful session on everyday mindfulness, Courage to STOP, was well attended and attracted both those familiar with her work and newcomers to LCG. There was a palpable shift in the energy in the room as Kish welcomed us to sit, silently, and reflect on how we were all feeling after the hustle and bustle of recent events. facing us all these last few days and weeks. Brexit, world atrocities and the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity) facing us rose to the surface. It felt good for some to air feelings and to put those thoughts to one side as we focused on Mindfulness, the breath, gratitude (to self & others) and our “daily bread”. Time was neither fast nor slow, merely irrelevant, a backdrop to our peaceful, rejuvenating, shared experience. Kish has a gift - her practical, down to earth application of an esoteric, potentially airy fairy tool, hit the spot delightfully. Thank you, Kish!
— Deborah Price. Co-Chair London Coaching Group