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Speaking engagements

Speaking engagements

I’m available to speak on Mindfulness and leadership at events of all sizes such as conferences, workshops, and kick-start meetings.

Since 2013 I’ve spoken at various venues in Wimbledon, SW London, to a wide range of audiences including CEOs and coaches. Here are some of the highlights.

British Occupational Psychologists Conference

My first event for this organisation was their 2015 conference at which I delivered a three-hour workshop together with a colleague. Content included academic information on how Mindfulness has been proven to work, interspersed by a practical sessions. The audience comprised universities, police, NHS and the fire service.

London Coaching Group - June 2016 and June 2013

ICF Conference - Malmo November 2014 and Stockholm November 2013

UK ICF Webinar - November 2015

Room for Work - September 2015, June 2014, February 2014,

Kingston University Alumni Group - October 2014

Richmond NLP Group - October 2013

 And I’ve delivered many Mindfulness sessions to different sections of the Civil Service since 2013.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

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