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Five tips for a perfect CV

Monday, 15th of September 2014

Before you even start looking for a new job, get out your CV, dust it off and polish it up! 

Here are some tips to help you on your way.

1) Whoever you send your CV to is likely to be busy. So don’t give them too much work to do. Make it concise – it should be no longer than two pages – however extensive your career has been to date.

2) Put your contact information in the header. It takes up less room and it will be on both pages.

3) Because people are busy, you need to make an impact in the first 30 seconds. So your profile must tell the reader about you and what makes you stand out from all the other CVs sitting next to it.

Think of it as the bait of your CV. They read a bit about you, want to know more, and will get in touch. Here are a couple of examples of what I mean:

“I regularly play rugby at club level. It’s taught me so much about the value of teamwork, as well as about myself. And I keep fit too.”

“I’m a treasurer at the local scouts group where I contribute my skills and learn more about the challenges facing teenagers in the modern world.”

“It’s not my IT skills alone that make the projects I work on so successful: my people management skills play a huge part too.”

4) Only your last 10 years’ work experience is relevant - delete the rest no mater how painful it is for you!

5) People absorb information in different ways so make sure you include figures too, for example:

“I managed a team of six people, working on three continents.”

“The project I led had a budget of £250,000.”

“Under my leadership the business improved customer satisfaction by 50%.”

Good luck with the job search!

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