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Is your jar half full or half empty?

Tuesday, 15th of January 2013

As we enter 2013 spend some time acknowledging your achievements of 2012.

We tend to move straight ahead without stopping to take in what we have achieved.

STOP, LISTEN, ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF........ feeling a little uncomfortable. That's ok too.

Growth only comes when the comfort zone is stretched.

Next find these:

  1. An empty jar or tin or container
  2. Some lovely coloured post-it notes of paper
  3. A pen


Spend five minutes writing your achievements and fold them up and put them into the jar.

Take even more time..... it will be worth it.

When things are a little rocky in 2013 dip into the jar to remind yourself of what great things you have done.

Start a jar for 2013 too.

Share your achievements and experience here by leaving a comment.

Thank you and a very Happy 2013 to you.

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