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How to fit Mindfulness into your daily routine

Thursday, 23rd of April 2015

I teach Mindfulness as an ART:

A – Awareness of what you hold.
R – Realisation of what that’s doing to you.
T – Transformation through techniques and practice.

The techniques are very simple such as conscious breathing, and taking more time when you eat or drink. Here are some tips to get you started:
1. At lunchtime walk away from your desk and sit down with your lunch.
2. Take a few minutes to notice what you have in front of you.
3. What journey did those ingredients make to become your meal?
4. Who made it possible for it to be in front of you?
5. Take a little time to give thanks for it and to all those who made it possible.
6. Take a few moments to notice the colours, smell the ingredients, feel the texture and then slowly taste it as you chew.

Next time you have a cup of tea or coffee, use the same analogy. Give a few moments to think about what you have in your hand and the journey it’s made from source to completion to be where it is. As you’re sitting on the train or bus, or walking to work:
1. Notice things around you.
2. Become aware of your body and how it walks, sits and moves.
3. Notice any tension you’re holding and let it go if you can.
4. Consciously take some breaths and really become aware of them.

Breath is our life source and yet we completely take it for granted! Simply breathing consciously will help you relax, notice what’s going on in your body and around you.

Regular meditation is also valuable. Start with a few minutes of being still and noticing your thoughts without any judgement.

Your brain will need to learn to relax and it will take time. Be patient as you are using a new muscle, and like a physical one, it needs time to get fit. Unfortunately it doesn’t ache like a physical muscle when it’s overworked, instead we just get stressed, tired and busy.

The most important thing is to begin. Start with one thing and practice, practice, practice.

"There are three constants in life... change, choice and principles. “Stephen Covey

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