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Are you a couch potato or are you the leader in your life?

Tuesday, 28th of August 2012

Ever heard yourself saying YES to someone and later thinking what made me do that?

I did just that when I agreed to do some stand up comedy for a charity.

Well what did that lead to? Other than being scared out of my wits, actually so terrified that I was crying almost cemented to my kitchen floor the afternoon before the performance.

What did I discover? I had so much support from friends, colleagues and family. I raised over £500 for charity. I actually managed to perform pretty well on the night and went on to the Orange Tree theatre and the South bank.

Will I be doing the comedy circuit? NO – it was a great opportunity to stretch outside the comfort zone and grow.

What are you doing or thinking about doing that feels uncomfortable?

Get off the couch, stretch the muscles, feel the pain and then the exhilaration!

Yes even the muscles in our head enjoy having some fun. Give it a go.

The stand up certainly gave me the opportunity to shine my light... literally.

My mission and vision:

I am working with people to enrich their lives by dreaming big and making small changes that have a huge impact. I am seeing each individual become the leader in their life and confidently shining their individuality. As they shine their light others join in and do the same. The power of this joint light is bringing people together across cultures, colours and continents to create a community where difference is valued and the gaps are being replaced by strong, powerful bridges

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