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Hello - I’m Kish Modasia - one-to-one leadership and Mindfulness coach

Hello - I’m Kish Modasia - one-to-one leadership and Mindfulness coach

My clients include business owners, managers, team leaders, and individuals. I work alongside them encouraging them to open their minds to new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. I’m regularly coached and supervised as it’s important I keep myself fit and well, mentally as well as physically, so I can be at my best for my clients.

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Mindfulness is part of my everyday life

One of the most valuable things I offer is my very rounded business and life experience through which I’ve honed my leadership and Mindfulness skills.

I’ve been part of a team in a large organisation, and I’ve run my own business. Also, living and working in several countries, experiencing different cultures, has given me great insight into how to get people to recognise, appreciate and value differences.

As with anyone, my journey hasn’t always been a smooth or easy one, but the difficulties and challenges have been valuable lessons. They have made me realise how vulnerability, and accepting what is, are essential building blocks towards being a sustainable and authentic leader. The way in which I’ve overcome them has enriched my experience and helped me develop personally and as a coach.

I’ve learned that, to stay motivated, focused and able to make good decisions, I need to take time out for myself. Allowing time to clear my head and give myself space to think has become habitual.

However, it took a fellow coach to point out that my approach to life, and certain of my characteristics, could be very useful to share with others through coaching. So you see, even with my experience, it took someone else to recognise my strengths. It led to another stage of self-development and to embracing Mindfulness in my coaching practice.


Personal challenges

I firmly believe the best way to grow as an individual is by stepping outside your comfort zone. That’s why I always keep setting myself challenges.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been so brave in accepting challenges! That’s certainly true of the stand up comedy performance I did as a business challenge for the Funny Women Organisation in November 2011.

I was completely out of my comfort zone, and went into melt down on the afternoon before the performance. But it was for charity and I wanted to do it to fully appreciate the challenges and anxieties my clients face. I found it exhilarating.

Exhilarating was certainly what I felt, when I overcame my fears again in 2013 and threw myself off Lion’s Head mountain to paraglide over Cape Town.

Getting around to doing the things we want can be a struggle: putting things off is much easier. But the effort is repaid many times once you finally do it.  In April 2014, I did something I’ve wanted to do for a number of years and walked 250k of the Camino – a Spanish pilgrim route. I carried everything I needed on my back and slept in hostels. Meeting new people, listening to their stories was a humbling and enriching experience.

My challenge for 2015 was rowing 22 miles on the Thames in the Great River Race with a team of fabulous people. It taught me a lot about true teamwork, trust, and the need to listen.


Career background

Owner at Lead Your Life  (June 2006 to present)

My clients include large organisations such as BT, O2, Network Rail, the NHS, and the civil service, as well as SME business owners, and individuals.

BT (November 1984 to December 2005)
My biggest achievement at BT was becoming a pioneer for home working.

I worked as computer programmer - a busy role but I knew I could do part of it from home. My main reason was the 10 hours a week I’d gain to be with my children at a crucial stage in their development, but BT stood to benefit hugely too.

This was way back in 1988 when home working was a rarity. There were no mobile phones, no internet, and no laptops. Despite the difficulties I knew I would be able to use the time to be more efficient with aspects of my job. The dead travel time would be a thing of the past, leaving me to focus on work.

I had to overcome a lot of resistance but I stuck to my guns and it turned out to be a win-win arrangement. And it’s still one of my proudest achievements.

Qualifications and memberships
I believe all business coaches should have recognised qualifications. You wouldn’t pay an unqualified mechanic to fix your car would you? So why invite an unqualified coach to work with you?

I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and I’m signed up to their code of ethics. The ICF has a network of 25,000 coaches in 136 countries.  There are 1,852 members in the UK and I was on the board of the UK ICF chapter for four years.


Before sitting down with Kish, I was a little sceptical as to the true worth of Executive Coaching. Having now been through the process I am a convert! I think the main thing it gave me was a reason to take time out of my day to look at my business at a much more strategic level. Having Kish challenge my comments and statements at a deeper level actually brought to the surface a number of quite challenging issues. These have now been dealt with and, hopefully, left the business much stronger as a result. I would have no problem recommending Kish to anyone running their own business.

Adrian Dadds Independent Business and Property Finance Consultant St. George’s Finance

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